About Us

Advanced Dyeing Solutions (ADS) is a story of success against the odds. Created from the ashes of the former Longclose Dyeing Machinery at the start of the most troubled decade for European textile engineering, it has nevertheless achieved growth in every year since its foundation in 2000.

Along the way its sales and prestige were boosted by the acquisition of the Roaches Group in January 2008 – known and respected worldwide for its suite of laboratory dyeing and testing equipment – and, more recently, its reputation for technical proficiency was underlined by its appointment as the official UK distributor for Thies dyeing machinery in 2012.

In 2013 ADS reached a milestone when it moved from the collection of separate, small industrial units into which it had expanded over the years and brought its factory, stores and administration together into a single, larger and more efficient unit at Birstall, just south of Leeds.

Mission Statement

It is the Mission of Advanced Dyeing Solutions Ltd to provide the dyeing industry with a one stop shop for all of their equipment and service requirements.


Advanced Dyeing Solutions Ltd believe that innovation is the key to success.

As a customer focussed business, we are always aiming to design new products and help develop new processes so that our customers always stay ahead of the competition. We are committed to working with forward thinking customers and suppliers, who share their same aims of innovative, forward thinking product development. As part of this we work closely with a number of leading development and research centres around the world.

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